Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Reunions: does Facebook help or hinder?

I've been getting communications recently about Reunion Weekend at my college alma mater.  I'm coming up on one of those milestone years (20!), so there is a bit more activity surrounding this year's festivities.  (Twenty years!?!  Feels like yesterday sometimes...) 

I have kept in touch just a small number of close friends out of college.   High school?  Forget it.  Even a few years out of high school I was only in touch with a few friends.   And one of them put it best:  "If I want to see anyone from high school, I'll call to have a pizza delivered…"  (Needless to say he didn't have a very high opinion of high school…)  But things changed recently…

Once the kids were on Facebook and I followed suit, a bunch of fellow high school alumni found me.  That's what happens when you list your high school and college graduation years! 

But now I look at my kids; one recently graduated high school, and I'm sure her list of Facebook friends includes over a hundred high school classmates.  Some she hasn't seen since graduation day, but she can still see what they're all up to.  So when the '5 Year Reunion' time comes around for her, will it even pique her interest?  After all, the word 'reunion' is a form of 'reunite', but how can can reunite when you never lost touch?

There are two schools of thought on this (if you'll pardon the pun); some say Facebook makes it easier to track down alumni and seeing the 'preview' of your fellow classmates makes you more likely to want to attend the reunion.  But the other side of the coin is that you can catch up with everyone you care to while sitting in front of your laptop; why make the effort to go?

What do you think?  Do the Facebook connections to fellow alumni make you more or less likely to want to attend your reunion?

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