Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Facebook for Parents - class summary

We had a great group of parents at our most recent "Facebook for Parents" class!

The group was a cross-section of people with varying technical experience.  Some had younger children and were preparing themselves for the inevitable day when the kids joined Facebook.  Some parents had college age kids who set up their Facebook accounts for them, in order to stay in touch.  And a few were already experienced in the tool, and just wanted to learn more.

A few revelations that occurred for the attendees during the class include:
  • There is nothing preventing one of your Facebook friends from uploading ANY picture, and tagging it with your name. Our attendees now know how to update their privacy settings to ensure each photo that they get tagged in is approved by them before it is made public.
  • There is the ability to delete posts, but once they are out there, there is absolutely no way to guarantee that a Facebook friend has already seen it, and shared it with their friends.
  • The only required fields for signing up for a Facebook account is an email and a birth date.  Kids do not have to fill out every single field in their profile, and parents probably shouldn't let them!  We talked about the specific fields that should always stay blank.
  • There is no check to confirm that the email address corresponds to the name on the account.  All the more reason for parents to 'claim their space' on Facebook, even if they don't use it now, to prevent someone else from taking it.
Here were the slides that were used in the course. These only show each topic at a high level, it is within the class that we go into each one in detail.



Another session of "Facebook for Parents" will be held in the spring, through the Mechanicsburg PA Recreation office; information will be published soon.

But if you know of a group that would benefit from such a class, please contact me and I can hold a session just for your group! Potential beneficiaries of this class could be church groups, PTO meetings, or other similar gatherings.

Looking forward to sharing more info to help parents!

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